University of Cincinnati

Type: Public, 4-year institution

: Cincinnati, OH

: just a bit under 21,000  undergraduates

: $33,624 (including tuition, room/board)

Degree Offerings:
Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral, First Professional

Greetings! Today, I would like to invite you along with me to the University of Cincinnati, a public institution located in Cincinnati, Ohio. UC enrolls just a bit under 21,000 undergraduates annually, with 83.3% of them coming from Ohio and the remaining percentage from across the US and around the world.

Getting to the International Students Website

From the main page, click on the Future Students link located at the top navigation bar; from here, find the heading called “Seeking Admission?” and click on International, Undergraduate. This link will take you to a website devoted to helping international students learn a bit more about UC, and also as a resource when applying to the university. Simple enough? I think so!

University of Cincinnati

University of Cincinnati

The Campus

UC’s campus is a mixture of the old and new. It’s hard to pinpoint the architectural style of the entire campus because there is such a vast array. There is, as I have grown to expect, the old red bricked academic buildings floating around, but there are also very modern looking buildings and many unique sculptures. I don’t know if you can really say that there is a singular theme that unites the entire campus.

With that being said, do not misunderstand and believe that UC looks disjointed. On the contrary, everything seems to flow together to make one very interesting and lovely campus. Check out the photos below to see what I mean!

Residential Living

As far as residential living goes, all of the residence halls on campus are co-ed and also substance free. All of the rooms (whether it is community-styled or suite-styled) come equipped with Cable-TV, Internet, a microfridge (microwave and refrigerator), and completely air-conditioned. There are about 8 halls on campus at UC, and all freshmen are required to live in these halls during their freshmen year. One of the best things about UC’s residence halls is the fact that they never fully close — yes, even during winter breaks! — a particularly convenient option for international students who cannot go home during breaks.

Residence Hall

Residence Hall

In terms of themed housing, UC’s Stratford Heights is home to the “special housing” (Learning Communities) that we are currently talking about. The one that carries importance for our interest is the Valentine House, otherwise known as the foreign language house.

Student Life and Activities

Like any other college camps, UC is flooded with a wide array of student organizations. With over 300 student clubs, 11 sororities and 21 fraternities, I think it’s safe to say that it’s hard to be bored unless you truly put some effort into it. According to a current UC student, although UC is only about 4% Greek, the Greek influence still plays a central role in the life of the student body. The leadership positions are usually held by members of the Greek community, and they usually tend to secure spots within UC’s Homecoming Court during Homecoming Weekend.

And, of course, what college review would be complete without a comment on the social life of the typical UC student. Although UC’s dorms are supposedly substance-free, UC as a whole is a wet campus. There are 2 bars that students (who are of age) can go to should they feel the desire to just stay on campus. As far as party life goes, since the dorms are substance-free, most of the parties will occur off-campus in fraternity houses or just your typical house party. The typical UC student does tend to party a lot, but if you’re not into that lifestyle, don’t be afraid. Cincinnati still has a lot to offer its many residents and college students in museums, restaurants, and other venues.

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International Students at UC

According to University statistics, UC has about 10% international students and a good assortment of resources available to them. Like most universities, UC has a special division designed to handle the needs of international students. UC’s International Student Services is this division of the University, a center that sponsors a special orientation for all first year international students. This orientation includes a tour of Cincinnati (the city and the campus), a run to the grocery stores for basic essentials, and also an airport pick up.

Along with this special orientation (a common feature at most universities), UC is also affiliated with ELS, a privately owned company housed at UC that allows for prospective UC international students to come early, teach said students intensive language, and offer them a contingent letter of admittance to UC (assuming they have met other Admissions criteria). According to a counselor within the Admissions office, this program is quite popular and incredibly helpful (especially among Saudi students).

In Conclusion …

Before I left UC, I asked the Admissions counselor what it was about UC that would draw international students to the university. According to her, the reason why UC attracts a respectable amount of international students is because of the post-graduation options available for undergraduates. She was speaking of UC’s co-op program and its ability to match up students with potential employers – relationships that could transform a typical co-op into possible employment after graduation. The reason why co-ops are so popular and successful at UC is because it actually started the co-op program. As you may know, this program was found to be so effective that other universities have also made it into their own curriculum. At UC, co-ops are required for Design, Engineering, and Science majors.

All in all, I think that UC is a good option for those who want to go to a big and public university without feeling too engulfed by the size. With its many resources, UC has a lot to offer its students, and I hope you will consider it as a possible option in your college list.  For more information about my tour, please read on. As always, please check out the campus pictures below (only a sampling!) featured in this photo album. Thanks for reading!

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