Okay guys, I’ve been sorting through student registrations for our upcoming Fall US Educational Group fairs in the Middle East – and I just want to say, some of you have CRAZY email addresses.

Can I just recommend one quick thing that will help improve the first impression you give the admissions counselor reading your application? Especially if you are a graduate student applying for a Masters or PhD program.

cc license, garrettc

cc license, garrettc

Sign up for a new email address

All of you. Seriously. You can’t submit your application to a professional program with an unprofessional email address like or – just go to Gmail and sign up for a new email address. Preferably just your name, like

Why Gmail? Well because they pay me millions of dollars to endorse them. Just kidding, it’s because you can easily FORWARD all the emails you receive there to the email address you check most. That means you will never miss an important email if you don’t check your new account every day. Pretty awesome, right?

Just like you would be underwhelmed if you went to a college fair and met a University representative in a ratty t-shirt, jeans and a shibshib, think of the first impression the admissions officer is getting of you.  So instead of applying online and emailing the admissions office from your personal email address, yalla, sign up for a nice shiny new email address that will make you look well dressed.

I promise you the admissions officers will appreciate it. Its one of the things they mention as a “never do” when talking about filling out applications.

So now that you signed up for the new email address, go ahead and register for the Fall fair in your city or register to get more information from colleges and universities if we aren’t coming close enough this time.

See you at the fair!

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