Ohio Wesleyan University

Type: Private, 4-year Liberal Arts College

Location: Delaware, OH

Size: just under 2000 undergraduates

Cost (for Fall 2009): $43,848 (including room and board)

Degree Offerings: Bachelor’s

Ohio Wesleyan University

Ohio Wesleyan University

Hello, everyone! Today I’d like to invite you along with me as I explore Ohio Wesleyan University, located in Delaware, OH. Ohio Wesleyan (affectionately referred to as “OWU” – “oh woo”) is a 4-year university that enrolls just under 2000 undergraduates from all over the US and around the world.

According to university statistics, around 59% of the student population are from Ohio, and about 21% are multicultural (domestic) and international. After speaking with many people at OWU, it is obvious that the university is very proud of its diverse student population, and is constantly trying to raise its numbers. Its commitment to diversity and “bringing the world” onto campus is obvious by its tag line of “Our World United” (the capitalization of the first letter of each world spells out OWU).

As always, before we begin to look more in depth at OWU, let’s figure out how to get to the International Students section of the website. From the main page , click on the Admissions link located on the top of the main page. After arriving at the Admissions website, click on the International Student Admission link on the left hand side of the page. This link will take you to a page where you may learn more about OWU and whether or not it is the place for you.

across the street, looking at the first third of campus

across the street, looking at the first third of campus

Campus Layout

OWU’s campus is a very practical one. It is divided up into 3 sections and each section is separated by crossing a major street. The sections I am talking about include Academic/Administrative, Student Services/other Academic Buildings, and finally Student Housing. Each section is very distinct – you would always know which “section” to go to for whatever need you might have.

Surrounding City & Campus Life

OWU is surrounded by Delaware, a city of approximately 32,000 (according to the census of 2007) people. Delaware has a lot of cute shops that are just down the street from campus. For an example, the coffee shop “The Mean Bean” is a popular spot for students to get a cup or java for late nights – I highly recommend this coffee shop; their iced coffee is very good. Just next to “The Mean Bean” is a pottery shop called “The Bare Bowl,” where you can paint or buy pottery pieces. Although Columbus is only 20 miles away, my tour guide told me that most students don’t particularly feel a need to venture into the capital city. According to him, there is always something to do on campus, whether it is participating in Greek life (8 fraternities and 7 sororities) or joining a few of the many student clubs that are offered.

Housing Options

In terms of housing, OWU students have quite a few options. They can either live off-campus in Delaware (a rare choice since most students choose to reside on campus), in a sorority/fraternity house, in a residence hall, or in a Small Living Unit (SLU). All students are required to live on campus in a residence hall during their first year, and all of the halls are co-ed by floor with the exception of Hayes Hall, which only houses women. One of the most convenient features of OWU’s residence halls is that it does stay open during breaks for those students who might not be able to travel home.

SLU - Small Living Unit - Modern Foreign Language House

SLU - Small Living Unit - Modern Foreign Language House

There’s not much else to say about the residence halls at OWU – they looked pretty standard and definitely not note worthy. The most interesting part of my tour of OWU’s housing options occurred at the Small Living Units (SLU). Although the outside of some of the SLUs left a little something to be desired (I thought they could have been better maintained by the university), the idea behind SLUs is very interesting. SLUs are basically themed houses on campus, and depending on which house you choose to apply for, you are required to adhere to the interesting rules behind each house. For an example, if you were to live in the Modern Foreign Language House, you would be asked not to speak English while in the house. Other current SLUs include the House of Black Culture, Creative Arts House, Inter-Faith House, International House, Modern Foreign Language House, Peace and Justice House, House of Thought, Tree House, and the Women’s House (all women).

International Students @ OWU

Aside from having a diverse range of options for all of its students, OWU is also mindful in helping its international students become acclimated with the University through their Office of Multicultural Affairs. Although OWU currently does not offer ESL classes, many international students still find Ohio Wesleyan compelling enough to move across the world to settle in Delaware, OH. According to its website, “OWU has the highest percentage of international students among undergraduate students who are seeking their bachelor’s degree in the state of Ohio.”

In conclusion …

Named as a member in a list of 40 colleges that “changes lives” (OWU was named as a College That Change Lives by Loren Pope in her latest CTCL book), Ohio Wesleyan is quick to say that its purpose is to inspire its students so that they may change the world. Everyone that I talked to at Ohio Wesleyan emphasized the need to become a contributing member of the global community. Although I’ve gone on a lot of tours and met with many Admissions counselors who have said the same thing, OWU’s fervent desire to paste this message on everything that it touches makes it stand out in my mind. As a student from another university, I obviously cannot offer anything else but surface level insights on OWU’s grand mission; nevertheless, I invite you to learn a bit more about OWU and maybe take a chance by applying for admission. Who knows … maybe OWU will change your life.

For campus pictures and captions, please click here. For even more information about my experience on campus, please click here. I hope you enjoyed your tour!

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