Iraq Education Initiative Scholarship Basics for Students

[Please note that Al Jamiat is privately held by an education company, there is NO affiliation with the Iraqi government, scholarship or their partners. We are only assisting students in answering basic questions and directing them to the main website of the Iraqi Education Initiative as highlighted in the first paragraph below. The official website of the Iraq Education Initiative is: Higher Committee for Education Development in Iraq ]

So many Iraqi students are asking us about the scholarship and the basics…so here they are as we understand them. The best and most accurate information can be found on the official site of the Higher Committee for Education Development in Iraq (?????? ??????? ?????? ??????? ?? ??????).

The newly launched Iraq Education Initiative scholarships will allow approximately 50,000 Iraqi students study in English speaking countries across the world.  The first group of scholarships are being awarded for the upcoming year (2009/2010) and the scholarship application is open for students to apply. The Iraqi scholarship application is available here:

This is a scholarship awarded by the Iraqi government and requires students to return home to work for the same amount of time they were studying.  The students are fully funded by the government of Iraq.  There are currently NO open offices for students to go to for the scholarship. In order to receive it, you MUST fill out the application and send it in.

Fast Facts:

  • 500-600 scholarships to be awarded in September 2009 to Iraqi students
  • Students must apply to English speaking Universities (United States, United Kingdom, Australia, etc)
  • Scholarships include tuition, fees, and living stipend
  • Students may apply for Associates (2 year), Bachelors, Masters and PhD programs
  • English language program study is available for students to improve language skills
  • Open to all accredited Universities, Colleges, Community Colleges
  • Scholarships are awarded according to the percentage of population in each province of Iraq
  • 10,000 scholarships available for the next 5 years (beginning in 2o10/2011)

The first step you MUST take is to complete the scholarship application! Once you have completed your application, you will need to start thinking about where you want to attend college.  The next steps will be easier once you have your application for the Iraqi scholarship completed.

To start you will need to:
1. Review the rules for the Iraq education scholarship
2. Fill out the scholarship application carefully and accurately
a.  Bachelors degree scholarship application
b. Masters/PhD scholarship application
3. Send application in to the Higher Committee (HCED)
4. Receive confirmation of your application from the Committee
5. Wait for a response regarding your scholarship

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