What is an Associate’s Degree?

What is an Associate’s Degree?

Most, but not all international undergraduate students want to end up with a bachelor’s degree.  This can be accomplished by going directly to a college or university that offers bachelor’s degrees, or you could attend a community/junior college first and then “transfer” to a university.  There are a couple of reasons why a student might choose to attend community/junior college:

1. It can be much more economical to attend a 2-year school first, as the costs are usually lower.

2. It is generally easier to get admitted to a 2-year school.  If a student does not have the academic qualifications to get into a university, they might choose to attend a community college first to finish some of their “general” classes and to establish a good grade average, and then transfer the classes to a university in order to then take the specific classes in their academic area of study

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