Best Tips for Eating on Campus

Starting college can be a very exciting as well as an intimidating experience for most students. Most will tell you that at first they are completely overwhelmed and out of it, that is until they fully settle down. Maintaining healthy eating habits on campus can be extremely difficult as most of your time will be geared towards studies and not so much your health. Most persons after leaving college would have gained weight and fall into unhealthy eating patterns.

You maybe wondering, what are the best tips for eating healthy on campus?

Avoid lunch breaks

When on campus try skipping lunch, coffee, desserts and dinner a few days per week, food time for most is used to meet and chat with friends. A recent study has shown that during these occasions most persons will consume more food than average and with the supersized portions offered by restaurants you will begin to feel and see your waist size increasing and your wallet shrinking. When eating alone, you tend to consume your food and leave instead of lingering over dessert or another soda.

Choose healthier snacks

Many companies are now seeing the benefits of producing healthy snacks companies such as Nabisco have even created snacks that only contain 100 calories. In addition to being healthier than their evil calorie packed hydrogenated oil infused twins they are the perfect mate to grab with a pack of nature valley granola bars for when you are feeling the munchies. Another great option is to eat fruits and vegetables as a snack. After all the old saying goes “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

Food as fuel

Most students often experience severe bouts of tiredness. Long nights studying have a way of draining all your energy. The first impulse of most will be to grab a drink infused with high levels of caffeine, this is the wrong approach. It’s always best to choose lean meats, fresh fruits, vegetables, milk and yogurt as fuel and not an energy drink which only burns you out later.

Choose a routine that is right for you

If you new to college the first two weeks are other the most difficult, your first order of business is to master your class schedule once you have done this choose the times that are most convenient for you to eat.

Fitness is the key

This article would not be complete unless the rule of remaining fit was mentioned. Include in your classes physical ED. This is a great way of remaining fit even in college.

Stay Balanced. Finally remain balanced even if you are at the mall with friends you can choose to eat healthier snacks. Most fast food giants do offer healthy choices such as grilled chicken you can also choose to use mustard in stead of mayo which is packed with fat, how about eating a green salad with some grilled chicken and low fat dressing.

Just remember, a fit body will help you concentrate on your studies instead of feeling run down or experiencing sugar and caffeine crashes!


[Photo Credit to The State News]



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