Otterbein College – Intro

Type: Liberal Arts, 4-year college
Setting: Suburban setting
Size: a little bit less than 3000 students total
Cost: $34,926 per year(including tuition/room/board)
Degree offerings: Bachelor’s, Master’s

Otterbein College

Otterbein College

Hello! I hope you’ve had a chance to meet me already. Today we will be touring Otterbein College, located in  Westerville, Ohio (a town just outside of Columbus, Ohio in the middle part of America). Otterbein is a small four-year liberal arts college that has a total enrollment of  about 3000 students every year, with students coming from all over the US and other parts of the world. Although the college’s website does not list the number of international students currently enrolled at Otterbein, I was told by a current student that the international community does exist at the college.

International Student Application & Website

As an international student, the most useful resource you have at your disposal is the college’s website. The only problem with this resource is that not all college websites are the same. I am sure that you have found some to be much more user-friendly than others.

In order to get to the international students’ section, these are the steps you should follow: from the main page, click on “High School & Transfer Students,” which will lead you to a page about Undergraduate Admission. From this page, you will find a link for international students located on the left side of the page. This page will allow you to find more about the college, as well as guide you through the steps of applying to the school. Of course, before you can even consider applying to the school, I think it will help to get to know the college a little bit better by taking a little tour!
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