International Student Scholarship

Its much harder to find scholarships aimed at international students as most financial aid and scholarships are aimed at students who are American citizens.  A new site we recently discovered: My USearch has a $1,000 scholarship aimed at international students and a great questionnaire to help students interested in a 2-year associates degree or a 4-year bachelors degree find their ideal college match.

Scholarship info:

International and Undocumented Student Scholarship $1,000 Deadline 7/15/2009
Live abroad and want to study in the US? Does your citizenship status prevent you from enrolling as a US student? myUsearch will award a $1000 scholarship to the student who can best answer how the completion of a US degree will impact their life, their family and their home community.

The scholarship is open to any students who have completed the myUsearch matching questionnaire, are NOT a US citizen and will begin their first semester at an accredited US undergraduate institution on or before October 1, 2010 (transfer students are also eligible). Start scholarship application

Let us know if you are chosen for the scholarship and good luck!

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