Dorm Room Dining

If it’s microwavable and ready to eat in less than ten minutes it’s perfect for “dorm room dining.”  While these probably are not the healthiest foods to keep in your room, they are definitely some of the most popular.

My top 7 dorm food cravings:

1. Ramen Noodles – These salty noodles make the list not only because they are quick and easy to make, but also cheap. You can buy pack of ten for a dollar or less.

cc license, philastories

cc license, philastories

2. Kraft Macaroni & Cheese – The boxed version is made on a stove top in less than 20 minutes, but even quicker is a microwaveable container ready to eat in three minutes.

3. Chef Boyardee – A reminder of childhood, Chef Boyardee makes canned pastas and raviolis. It’s not as good as mom’s cooking, but an easy meal in college.

4. Campbell’s Soup – There are many good soups, but one of the most iconic brands is Campbell’s Soup. They make over 100 types of condensed soups. That’s enough to try something new each day of the semester.

5. Hot Pockets – They taste great but are not necessarily great for you. You can heat up a Breakfast Ham, Egg & Cheese pocket in the morning, the Five Cheese Pizza Croissant Crust for lunch and for dinner the Philly Cheese & Steak.

cc license, isazappy

cc license, isazappy

6. Goldfish Crackers – The perfect snack while studying or between meals. The original and most popular flavor is the color of a true goldfish, cheddar (obviously). They do come in other fun varieties including pizza, ranch and even chocolate.

7. Pop-Tarts – A favorite for either breakfast or just snacking. I think they’re best in the toaster but my roommate used to microwave them since the school wouldn’t let you have toasters in the dorm rooms.

I also asked a few of my fiends online what their favorites were:

“Chips and salsa, carrots and ranch, easy mac, chicken nuggets (in the microwave of course), bananas taken from the cafeteria.” –Erica

“We used to take Oreos and break them apart and put peanut butter in them….A jar of peanut butter is a must.” –Rebecca

“TATER TOTS!” –Eileen

Hannah DeMilta is a senior at Otterbein College studying Public Relations with a minor in Deaf Culture and Language (ASL). She has studied abroad in Australia and loves traveling whenever possible. She has held several internships in the PR & communications field and hopes to work in the non-profit sector one day. She also loves speaking with students interested in studying abroad, so please feel free to start a conversation:

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