What You Need For College – Tips on what to pack for campus

Congratulations! You have successfully completed high school, applied for college and you’ve been accepted. You’ll spend your summer hanging out with your high school buddies, while feverishly preparing for your arrival to campus. You want to make sure you bring the right stuff and here are few areas that you don’t want to miss.

Bedding: Even if you have a twin bed now, you’ll need brand new bedding for college. Dorm beds are extra long twin, but luckily many retailers sell bedding sets and solutions specifically for college students. Make sure to get a complete bedding set (fitted sheet, top sheet, pillow, pillow case and comforter) as well as extra sheets and pillow cases. You may also want to bring a few throw blankets as well. There is nothing like a cozy blanket and a text book to warm your soul.

Décor: When you arrive, your dorm room will be drab and bland and it will be up to you to bring it to life. Take time to shop for items like rugs, drapes/blinds, art, photographs and throw pillows to bring a little style to your new home. Make sure to work within the color scheme of your bedding and if you’ve got a roommate, you may want to discuss color coordination between you two.

Computer: Most college campuses will have a computer lab (some open 24 hours) that can fill all of your computing needs, but there is nothing like having your own computer in your room. Laptops are best given portability. If you are planning to purchase a computer for college, contact your university first. Most universities have relationships established to provide students discounts on computers and software. You’ll also want to bring a printer if you can.

Small electronics: You’ll need an alarm clock and you’ll probably want a radio. If you have an iPod or other mp3 player dock, you’re all set. If not, buy both.

Mini-fridge: The cafeteria will not be open 24 hours a day and it’s very likely that you’ll need a snack during those times. A mini fridge will allow you to store refrigerated snacks and beverages for your snack attacks.

Supplies: You’ll want to hit your first classes armed to take copious notes. Plan to bring an initial supply of notebooks, compositions books, pens, pencils, highlighters, etc. If you have a computer and printer in your room, make sure to bring paper and printing supplies as well.

Mementos: While you are super excited about college life and can’t wait to get on campus, there will be times when you miss home. Make sure to pack a few photos and other sentimental items that remind you of home. It’s amazing how comforting these items can be when homesickness kicks in.

Now that you’ve got your list of needed items, you’ll need to decide the best path to get them. Most retailers will have back to campus sales and specials throughout the summer so be on the lookout so you can take advantage of these discounts and offerings. And if your parents are scoffing at the price tag of your wish list, suggest that they throw you a trunk party where friends and family can celebrate your going away to college and bring you gifts to help with your upcoming journey. You can even create wish lists or set up a gift registry at many retailers to ensure that you get exactly what you need (and want) for college.

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