I Need a Break!

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There is information that every college student has to know. Information such as when and how to register for classes, how to find their way around campus and the town, how to interact with professors and other students.

There is a lot to remember and worry about in college life. When is that paper due again? Did I email my group about my project or not? I need to go talk to the professor, and look for an internship, but how do I do that?

All of this makes it very easy to forget the important part about college life: it’s supposed to be fun. Yes, taking classes seriously and doing well in them is very important, but all of the information learned is useless if you can’t function because your brain is fried from to much study. There is a fine balance between study and fun, a fact many people forget. Below are some suggestions on how to have fun on a college campus or in the town near by.

Join Student Organizations– Keeping busy with student organizations will not only help you find friends, but they are a lot of fun. Whether they meed once a week, or one a month, student organizations exist for just about every interest. If there isn’t one you want to join (which is difficult to believe on most campuses), then find out how to start one. Even at the smallest school, someone else will be interested. Joining student organizations will also help with time management skills. It sounds backwards, but the more student organizations I joined, and the busier I was, the higher my GPA went. You are forced not to push your important homework off.

Go to the park- Either by yourself for a walk or a bike ride, to clear your head, or with your friends for a barbeque or a picnic. Most towns and cities have a park nearby. It might not be very big, but time in the park can be fun in the spring. Not recommended during the winter months, in geographic areas where it snows.

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Go to the Recreation Center- This is probably interchangeable with number one. Especially in the winter months and northern states. Going to the Recreation Center with a friend on a regular basis keeps the Freshman (or Sophomore, Junior, or Senior) 15 at a distance, if not at bay.

Go to the 24hr store and wander around– I can’t count the number of times, I made a midnight run to some random store. I can’t count the number of midnight store runs I went on in college. Only one person ever needed something, but sometimes its fun to go as a big or even small group to the store and goof around. Our favorite was going into the toy section and turning on all the demos of one particular toy and then leaving.

Have a movie/TV Series marathon– Make sure to invite or at least clear this with your roommate. Maybe you

have one or two movies from home you want your friends to see, maybe your friends want to show you some American classics, or maybe you all have a favorite television show and own the DVDs. Get some snacks, invite your friends over, and watch them.

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Hang out at the local hang out spot– Most college towns have a popular coffee shop or restaurant, where students go to hang out and relax. If you have homework or a paper to work on, take it with and do it there. Most will have some sort of wireless internet, and tables to sit at. Meet your friends there, and you all can hang out and do homework together or just sit and talk over a beverage. Buy it from the coffee shop or restaurant so you aren’t loitering.

Those are only some suggestions. The difficulty with this list is that each college and each college town is unique. What we did at Bowling Green will differ drastically from something that they did at a smaller school, or a larger school. Part of the fun of college is finding what is fun to do at each college.

Elissa Yonkers is a recent graduate from Bowling Green State University, with a Bachelors of Science of Journalism with a focus on Public Relations, and a very strong minor in German. With several internship experiences under her belt, she is looking to widen her experience and knowledge with a job in corporate communications, public affairs, or work in a public relations agency. Connect with her here: http://sites.google.com/site/elissay/

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