North Carolina State University (NC State)

Located just one mile (1.6 km) from downtown of the capital city, Raleigh and just two hours from the coast, North Carolina State University (NC State) is one of the nation’s leading institutions for groundbreaking science, engineering, and technology research. We are proud to be the most diverse public university in the state with 35,479 students enrolled from 109 countries. NC State collectively offers more than 300 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. NC State also offers the option of conditional admission through our Intensive English Program.

NC State is regularly ranked among the nation’s top public universities. Ranked as a top 40 public institution in the U.S. and a top 5 best value according to U.S. News & World Report, we are leading the field in producing the graduates the world needs. According to, NC State is #13 for graduates hired by the top 25 companies in Silicon Valley.

Research Triangle Park, the largest research park in the U.S. and home to many of the country’s leading research and technology companies is only 24 km from NC State’s campus. Of the 350+ employers who visited NC State in 2016, the ones with the highest documented levels of recruiting activity among our students were Amazon, Bandwidth, Cisco, Deloitte, IBM and NetApp.

North Carolina State University

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