Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University is one of the top 5% of research institutions in the United States. Our students’ research focuses on cures for cancer and Parkinson’s, more effective diagnosis of tuberculosis, and ways to protect and preserve the 21% of the world’s fresh water that surrounds Michigan.

Central Michigan University offers nearly 200 undergraduate programs and 120 graduate degrees and certificates. Our award-winning undergraduate programs include biology, business, entrepreneurship, engineering, health professions, information systems, journalism, leadership, neuroscience, psychology and teacher education. There are options for accelerated master’s degrees, too, making it simple to continue your education in the United States.

Joining the Central Michigan University family means becoming a part of a diverse group of doers who don’t just adapt to change, but lead the way in shaping a better world for all. We pursue excellence; live with compassion; and become leaders in our communities, countries, and world. At Central Michigan, you’ll join more than 21,000 students on- and off-campus who are making a difference in the world now.

With more than 400 registered student organizations and clubs, you’re sure to find your passion and interests on campus. Interested in sports? Check out our clubs for basketball, wrestling, soccer, and even esports like League of Legends, Rocket League, and Overwatch. We also have clubs for photography, learning English, music, civic engagement, community engagement, and professional organizations. Plus, at Central Michigan you’ll get free entrance to any of our 16 NCAA Division I athletics games.

Central Michigan was founded in 1892 to meet a pressing need for quality schooling for Michigan’s educators. For more than a century, we’ve continued to grow, diversify our programs, and find solutions to community and global needs through the pursuit of advanced knowledge and new technologies.

Central Michigan University

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